The Ultimate Ab Workouts for Women


The abs are, unfortunately, some of the hardest muscles to tone in the body because when it is stressed, it tends to store fat in the midsection. Also, posture-wise, people don’t hold themselves in the right position. The muscles get lazy and the body takes the path of least resistance.

Bracing in the belly button helps activate the core, Kelly Gibson, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Certified Sports & Fitness Nutrition Coach, says. “Without bracing in these muscles, it’s likely that other muscles will compensate and do the work for the abs, deeming the workout less effective,”

They are very effective full-body exercises that hit the entire core, Personal Trainer Elizabeth Borgesays. Movements that use the whole body engage the core more, she adds. Ideally, though, you’d have to combine isolated exercise that focus on only one area with drills that engage the entire body.

It’s important to activate several muscle groups when trying to lose weight. “I like to do total body workouts or at least hit all the major muscle groups by the end of each week,” Gibson says. If you’re focusing on building ab muscles instead of losing weight, select 1-2 focus areas for the day instead of working the entire core.

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