These are 5 life hacks for healthy skin


Skin reflects your health and it reveals the stories your life. Being the most important shield of your body, it needs utmost care. It protects us from viruses, bacteria, chemical substances, and pollution. Moreover, it maintains fluid balance, regulates body temperature, and controls moisture loss.

Considering all the important functions of the skin, we must protect it from various factors that affects its skin health like stress, lack of sleep, smoking, not enoughexercise, and dehydration. Here, we tell you 5 hacks for healthy skin:

Follow a healthy diet: Diet including mangoes, tomatoes, olive oil, cocoa flavanols, green tea, and omega-3 can help you get a glowing skin. Mangoes have antioxidant properties that protects collagen, a component of the skin. Tomatoes have cancer-prevention benefits. Omega-3 is found in walnuts, oily fish, and pumpkin seeds. It can prevent dryness and scaling of the skin.

Don’t take stress: Stress can lead to itchy skin, hair loss, flaky, oily, or waxy patches on the scalp, troublesome sweating, scaly skin, and hand rashes. According to the researchers, stress increases the quantity of sebum, an oily substance that blocks pores. This, in turn, leads to greater acne severity.

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