This is how you can lose weight automatically


Tired of following restricting diets? Wake up! You can continue to eat sanely and happily, and still stay fit, if only you start looking at your plate a little closely. Your plate-fulls are more important than you think! Taking a closer look at what’s actually on your plate — also how much, will make you a smart eater! And smart eaters stay healthier and thinner.

Your plate-fulls are more important than you think. (Source: India Today)

One of my main job as a health consultant is to teach people that it’s not just what you eat, but also how much you eat that matters. Especially, today when super sizing has led to enormous ‘portion distortion’. We’ve all become so accustomed to gargantuan servings that we no longer have any way to judge how much extra we eat.

And this matters, as the bottom line that no matter how healthy the grub is, no matter what the label says (low-fat, no-carb), the bigger the quantity, the more calories it has. And excess calories lead to weight gain and ill health.

You can eat whatever you want if you eat it in moderation. (Source: India Today)

Most of my clients by the time I finish with them learn that you don’t need to deny yourself anything as long as you keep portions in line. I teach them to mind their mouthfuls and instead of worrying only about the amount of carbohydrates or fat that your meal contains, focus on the amount you consume too.

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