Tips to make your deodorant last longer


Do you have sweaty and smelly armpits? Are you somebody who needs to spray deodorants on yourself every couple of hours? With these tips you will only need to use your deodorant once for smelling fresh and fragrant all day long. Make sure to follow these tips even in winters:

1) Always use your deodorant on freshly cleaned skin. Use it right after your shower or take a bath. Never spray deodorant on sweaty armpits. It will only make your armpits smell worse.

2) Always keep your armpits shaved or waxed and clean of hair. When then there is armpit hair, there is a greater chance of infection and bacteria breeding. These exacerbate the smell of sweat.

3) Keep your deodorant can about 15 cms away from your skin when you spray it. This is to ensure that you cover the entire armpit area with the deodorant.

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