Top reasons you must eat organic food


In today’s busy urban life, with both partners busy pursuing their careers, the consumption of canned or preserved food is on the rise. With an intent to keep the food habits healthy, people often move towards trends which are healthy and emerging. Here are some insights by Amy’s Kitchen on all that we need to know about organic food:

WHAT IS ORGANIC FOOD? – Organic food can be defined in a layman’s language as food grown without or with limited use of pesticide in natural conditions. People living in small towns still maintain kitchen gardens for vegetables. These do not qualify as organic food. Organic food sellers need special certification to mark food as organic.

In today’s world, when much importance is given to ‘eat healthy-live healthy’, switching your regular diet with organic food might be a good idea. With population rise to its peak and limited resources, fertilizers and pesticides have been used to the maximum in past few decades to match the level of production. But what did we lose in the process?

THE SCIENCE OF IT- More than 80 percent of the food consumed by an average individual is exposed to some sort of preservative or other chemicals to enhance its quality, which in long run only degrades the food with nothing better. Fertilizers and Pesticides used in process of production of food products not only imbalances the natural nutrients content of the soil but also with the process like Bio- Magnification and Bio-Accumulation affect the top of the food chain that is us.

LIMITED TIME, MORE WORK, FEWER NUTRIENTS – The kind of Diet chart we, the urban society, is following nowadays is detrimental not only to our body but also to our mind. We have limited time for yoga and exercise so it is of utmost importance that what we eat is full of nutrition and no chemical.

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