Tricks to get rid of hard pimples


One may find it difficult to tackle hard pimples. Hard pimples like nodules or cysts are deeper. Unlike other pimples, they will take more time to heal as they are larger. They are blind pimples without a head. Excess oil on the skin, hormonal changes and certain medications can lead to hard pimples.

Make sure that you don’t pop pimples as it can up your risk of infection, can increase inflammation and can cause scars. Depending upon its severity it can be treated with the medication or home remedies. Your dermatologist may prescribe you an ointment and can suggest you opt for a warm compress to help the pus to come out of the area by allowing a blind pimple to come to head. Apart from that, here are a few remedies to get rid of it.

  • You can opt for ice packs: If you use an ice pack on your hard pimples it can help you to keep inflammation and that annoying pain at bay.
  • You can opt for cleansers: According to some studies, non-soap cleansers can help you to get rid of those hard pimples.
  • You can opt for tea tree oil: A study form the year 2007 observed that tea tree oil can be effective in reducing the acne lesions and the outbreak of it. So, make sure that you dilute it with water before using it.

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