Try this oatmeal hairpack to stop hairfall due to dandruff


Hair loss can be demoralising. While the causes may range from vitamin deficiency to a more complex health condition, dandruff can also be a reason you may be seeing lesser hair on your head. Trichologist Dr. Jyoti Gupta tells you how dandruff leads to hair fall and how you can prevent it.

Excessive itching and scratching
While dandruff may not directly cause hair fall, the intense itching and scratching movements caused by drying up of the scalp can lead to friction and cause your hair to fall out. The roots of hair weaken due to constant scratching. Olive oil can be excellent to reduce the dryness of your scalp and prevent itching.

Mostly caused due to some irritants in soaps, detergents and chemicals you should get worried if you suffer from the scalp condition dermatitis. Dermatitis can lead to both dandruff and hair fall so ensure that you consult a dermatologist treat the condition first.

Shedding of skin cells
Dandruff causes excessive shedding of skin cells from the scalp which may lead to hair fall and also impact the growth of hair. While you may spend a lot on the anti-dandruff shampoos, you are missing out on a crucial step that is exfoliating your scalp. So the next time you make an appointment in a salon ensure that you use an exfoliating scalp mask to prevent loss of hair and also promote healthy hair growth.

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