Use dragon fruit to get a glowing skin


Dragon fruit tops the list among the many exotic and colourful fruits. This fruit is a storehouse of many health benefits. It comes packed with nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins, which can be beneficial for overall health and skin-related problems, including signs of acne, sunburn and ageing. When applied topically it is considered to be the best for acne-prone and inflamed skins. We have enlisted some amazing beauty benefits of dragon fruit, now you would definitely like to add this fruit to your beauty regime.

Makes the skin glow
The vitamin C content in dragon fruit may help protect against dullness and leave your skin look rejuvenated and fresh. Drinking a glassful of dragon fruit juice is a good way to make your skin glow and also to maintain your skin health. You can also apply this fruit topically to get a glowing skin.

Helps to reduce acne
Due to the presence of vitamin C content, it helps to reduce acne when applied topically. The antioxidant present in the fruit prevents your skin from breaking out and further keeps it glowing and healthy. Take a whole dragon fruit, then scrape all the pulp. Now use a fork to mash it, make a smooth paste. With the help of a cotton ball apply the pulp on the affected area. To prevent more breakouts make sure you do not use the same cotton ball for another area.

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