Vitamin D can be beneficial for kids with asthma


Vitamin D which is also known as a sunshine vitamin can help children minimize those harmful respiratory effects in children, which they may experience owing to the indoor air pollution, a new study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice, revealed so.

Smoke, cooking, burning of candles, and incense, were some of the sources because of which children with asthma experienced dangerous respiratory effects This proves that vitamin D may not only allow you to build stronger bones but lower asthma symptoms in kids as well. Here, we unravel the link between vitamin D and asthma.

In the study carried about by the researchers, examined 3 vital factors which are levels of air pollution in the houses, vitamin D levels along with symptoms of asthma. These were measured in 120 school-going children who had asthma and one-third amongst them who were obese.

The homes which had the highest indoor air pollution due to smoking and others, tend to have higher blood vitamin D levels were tied to a reduction in asthma symptoms in children. Moreover, it was commonly seen in obese children.

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