Want to prevent split ends? Sleep on a silk pillowcase


Silk is soft and strong. And, for most people, it means luxury. But did you know that if you wear clothes made out of silk, you stand to gain immensely in terms of health? Apparently, silk clothes can help ease hot flashes that come with menopause. It is also known to have anti-ageing benefits. Moreover, it is said to be good for certain skin conditions. Silk is also said to be good for people who are prone to allergies. According to some experts, it contains natural protein besides 18 other essential amino acids. Moreover, silk also comes with natural cellular albumen. This is known to speeds up the metabolism of skin cells.

A silk pillowcase may seem luxurious, but using one isn’t about luxury decor as much as it’s about protecting your skin and hair. Thanks to silk’s smooth texture, you can reap benefits ranging from wrinkle prevention to fighting hair frizz. So, before you brush silk pillowcases aside as just another posh, home decor idea, take a look at all the benefits that sleeping on a silk pillowcase can provide for your skin, hair, and overall comfort.

Let us look at a few benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase.

You’ll Stay Moisturized

If you like to slather on face creams and moisturizers before you go to bed, then you’ll want to use a silk pillowcase, as it will keep your cream and moisturizer exactly where it was intended to be — on your face. Silk is a non-absorbent material, so it won’t absorb your cream or reduce your moisture levels.

Prevents Wrinkles

Thanks to silk’s smooth texture, a silk pillowcase will allow your skin to slide rather than be tugged at. This is especially helpful if you sleep on your side or on your stomach. The fact that your skin won’t be pulled at but instead easily glide around on the pillowcase helps prevent creases and wrinkles from forming.

Prevents Pimples

Because silk is a nature fibre, it allows your skin to breathe and prevents your skin from sweating. In turn, the lack of sweating and the breathable fabric can help keep pimples from forming overnight.

Good for Sensitive Skin

The fact that silk is a natural fibre that doesn’t irritate the skin is especially helpful if you have sensitive skin. Many people who have sensitive skin find that their skin is easily irritated by fabrics and materials that aren’t natural, or their skin conditions become agitated when they come into contact with products that are abrasive.

Naturally Hypoallergenic

If you’re worried about allergens like dust mites, fungus or mold coming into contact with your face, then you’ll definitely want to get a silk pillowcase. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, making it resistant to these, and many other, allergens.

Keeps Your Hair from Becoming Frizzy

Just like silk’s smooth texture allows your skin to easily glide around, it will also allow your hair to move around just as easily too. Because the hair cuticle isn’t getting agitated, there’s less chance of your hair frizzing.

Prevents Split Ends

Like we said, a silk pillowcase prevents much of the friction that can occur with your hair and a standard pillowcase. As a result, you’ll likely experience less split ends, which occur when the hair shaft becomes damaged.

Preserves Your Hairstyle

Did you get a gorgeous blowout and want to keep it looking just as nice as the day you got it? A silk pillowcase can help you preserve your styled hair for an extra day or two due to the fact that the hair is not tugged at or agitated like it is with a standard pillowcase.

Keeps Hot Flashes at Bay

If you suffer from hot flashes, it’s all about finding fabric that’s breathable and feels cool to the touch. Silk offers exactly that, so swap out your cotton pillowcase for a silk one and get some relief from your menopausal symptoms.

Promotes Relaxation

The comforting, smooth feel of a silk pillowcase can be a wonderful sleeping aid at the end of a long, tiresome day. Nothing feels better than resting your cheek against a soft, silky pillowcase when you’re desperate to rest your body and get some shut eye.

Text sourced from zliving.com

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