Weight-free exercises to tone every muscle in your arms


When we say upper-body exercises, you may think of heavyweight equipment like barbells, dumbbells, and iron rods. But arm exercises without weights are a solid way to put your muscles to the test, too. In fact, over the years exercising without any weights has proven to be the best way to tone those extra fats from our body. Also Read – Quick and effective desk exercises to reduce the stress of sitting all day

Yes, you heard it right! There is absolutely no requirement for any fancy equipment or weights to achieve toned, strong and fit arms. A few household items and a good space to workout are all that you need. Also Read – Bone strengthening workouts to ease joint pain

Here are the 5 easy and effective weight-free exercises that you can do to get toned arms. Also Read – Strength training: The best fitness workout to boost overall health

1. Arm circles

One of the best workouts for the arms is the arm circles. This exercise strengthens your shoulders and arms with simple, yet effective circular motions. You can do this exercise at any time of the day in a matter of minutes without any equipment.

How to do it:

Stand straight with your arms by your sides. Lift your arms laterally to the shoulder level, with the palms facing away from each other. Start moving your arms in a circular motion without bending or flexing your elbows. Now, complete 10 reps and then circle your arms in the opposite direction for another 10 reps. Repeat 3 sets.

2. Tricep dips

Triceps dips are the best workouts to build extremely strong and toned arms by using only your body weight. While you can do this on the floor, opting for a good base such as a bench or a chair can give you a better grip.

How to do it:

Start with a seated position with knees bent and feet touching the floor. Place both of your hands behind you, directly under the shoulders, with finger facing towards your hips. Now, slowly lift your hips. Bend elbow straight back and then use your triceps to press back up, make sure to keep this motion under control. Do 3 sets of 10 reps.

3. Push-ups

This exercise is slightly challenging because the core muscles required for this workout are your palms and toes. All you need to do is to balance your body on your palms and toes.

How to do it:

Get down on all fours (two hands and legs), placing your hands slightly wider than your shoulders (this workout is all about your posture, so make it a point to keep in mind the proper straight posture while doing push-ups). Now straighten your arms and legs. Slowly lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor. Pause, then push yourself back up. Repeat this 3-5 times.

4. Plank with leg lift

This exercise is one of the best plank exercises that directly hits and activates the biceps and triceps muscles.

How to do it:

Get into a plank position, hold your core up, make sure your posture is perfect at a point in time. Now keep your elbows right below your shoulders. Also, while doing a plank, do not hold your breath, keep breathing normally. Lift your left leg off the floor. Keep the leg extended, and hold it in this position for at least 3-4 seconds. Lower your left leg and raise your right leg off the floor. Hold this position for 3-4 seconds and lower it. Do 3 sets of 6 reps.

5. Bicep curls to push press

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear bicep curls are the weights but as said earlier, you do not have to use any weights for this exercise, and it can be just as effective with household items like a can of oil, a bottle of water or a laundry liquid detergent bottle. This exercise focuses mainly on the biceps muscle building and toning.

How to do it:

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your back straight. Use a bottle or a household weight in one hand. Now curl your arms. Make sure to keep your elbow close to your body as you curl your arms/biceps, lifting the object to your shoulder in a controlled motion. Slowly bring your weight down with the same controlled motion until your hand is at your side in the starting position. Repeat this 3 times for each of the arms.

The above exercises target your biceps and triceps or the muscles present at the back of your upper arms. Toning these muscles will prevent flabby arms and you will be left with strong and toned arms.

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