What do visible abs actually say about someone’s fitness


Better mental health, increase in energy and focus, proper sleep and many more items can be beenficial in maintaing fitness of the body. But for many people, they derive pleasure only from achieving six-pack abs goal. Building six packs is a process of removing excess belly fat and increasing the thickness of the abdominal muscles. Some people are blessed with low belly fat, so it is easy for them to get abs. For some, it might not be as easy.

For those people with excess belly fat, the idea of six packs might sound unrealistic. Cutting those extra layers can be exhausting. In men, there should be only 14 per cent of total body fat around the belly, only then the outline of six packs will appear. For a model-like abs, that fat percentage decreases to 10. For women, the outline will show at 20 per cent of the entire body fat but for more defined abs, this percentage should be 14.

This percentage is more in women as they store fats around the organs to provide protection during child birth. More than 6 per cent drop can cause hormonal imbalances and amenorrhea in women. So, it is important to think first and you may use that energy in a more constructive way to improve your fitness.

Six packs might look good, but they are not a right indicator of a person’s health and fitness. Pursuit of six packs can be a healthy choice for some, but depending on the body type, it can also increase the risk of an injury. In order to develop abs, mostly the diet is too restrictive and workouts are aggressive. Before pursuing the goal of six packs, it is better to understand myths associated with it.

Remove all fat for best six packs

Yes, it is important to remove excess fat from the belly to reveal the six packs, but that does not mean that you stop including fats in your diet. Belly fat plays an important role in protecting the reproductive organ in women; it works as a cushion for hips, thighs, and waist protecting them from stress or pressure. It is important to understand the amount of fat your body requires around belly before you work out to get rid of it.

Be in shape, even without six packs

It is a common misconception that you are only fit if you have abs. The emphasis only on visible abs is unhealthy. You can be strong and healthy even if a layer of fat is veiling your abdominal muscles. What’s more important is for your abdominal muscles to be strong, even if they are not visible.

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