What To Know About This Lip-Enhancing Procedure

Ten Red Lips

Over the past few years, lip fillers have become the go-to nonsurgical procedure for celebrities, influencers and any other individual looking to plump their pout, à la Kylie Jenner. The trend, at least according to many an Instagram photo, perpetuates the idea that bigger is better.

Though it’s possible to achieve a subtle result with filler, there’s an alternative treatment gaining popularity in the cosmetic enhancement world called the lip thread lift.It’s a nonsurgical procedure that uses small, dissolvable threads (sutures, essentially) to help boost collagen in the lips and smooth out fine lines around the mouth. The goal isn’t necessarily to add volume but to add definition.

Threads have been popular in Europe for a while now, according to Dr. Jason Emer, a board-certified dermatologic surgeon based in Beverly Hills. He told HuffPost that, in his opinion, lip threads are becoming increasingly popular in North America thanks to social media and a growing desire for more natural-looking results.

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