What your feet say about your health


They may not be our prettiest assets, but we rely on them every day.Around 90 per cent of women suffer from some form of foot problem during their lives, according to a survey.Dr Dawn Harper, an ambassador for Sole Bliss. says our feet can reveal a lot about our health, and the signs not to ignore.

‘When you stand on a flat floor in bare feet, there should be an arch on the inside of the foot. If the whole foot is splayed on the floor, you may have what is called fallen arches’, says Dawn.

This can be caused by a multitude of things other than a birth defect, such as broken or dislocated bones, rheumatoid arthritis or nerve problems. The risk can be increase by obesity, diabetes, pregnancy and ageing.

Symptoms can worsen, with many people experiencing pain in the arches, swelling, or even back and leg pain.  ‘Insoles in your shoes may improve your posture and feel more comfortable.

 ‘Your big toe should be straight and in alignment with the rest of your foot. If it is bent away towards the other toes leaving a boney prominence at the base of the big toe, you may have a bunion (also called hallux valgus).

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