Why a Stable Core Is Crucial, and It’s Time to Start Perfecting Your Plank


You’ve probably heard trainers talk about getting a strong and stable core during your favorite workout classes (and on social media), but what does a stable core actually mean and why is it important? To clear up any confusion, POPSUGAR turned to fitness experts to find out why core stability is important and what it actually means.

“The well-trained core is essential for optimal performance and injury prevention,” Stuart McGill, Ph.D., said in a 2010 review in the Strength and Conditioning Journal. Simply put, “The core is the powerhouse of your body,” Kira Stokes, a NASM-certified trainer based out of New York City, told POPSUGAR. “It plays a huge role not only in workouts but in everyday activities from getting out of bed to opening the car door,” Kira added.

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