Your health problems are written all over your face

You can cleanse, tone and moisturize to your heart’s content – but if your skin isn’t improving, there may be a deeper reason why.

What shows on the outside can often be a sign of what’s happening on the inside, so treating the problem instead of its symptoms, can really get to the root of better skin.

There is more and more suggestion that gut health plays an enormous role in the management of rosacea.

“Rosacea is a redness or flushing of the skin and can present in many different ways including acne rosacea,” says dermal therapist Isabella Loneregan.

“Dermatologists often put patients on antibiotics for it, however, I see serious results with the use of specific vitamins applied topically to the area, in combination with a closer look at the diet.”


Loneregan, who runs The Dermal Diary in Sydney’s Naremburn, tells that acne was common in teenagers experiencing major hormonal changes – but becoming increasingly common in her adult patients.

“It’s usually caused by bacteria in the sebaceous gland, infected sebum and excessive dead skin on the surface and in the follicles,” she says.

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