10 Foods And Drinks To Help Manage Blood Sugar

apple and nuts on wooden background, fresh and healthy winter food

If you have  prediabetes or diabetes, the right diabetic meal plan is key to managing blood sugar levels. Sometimes, it can be tricky to choose the right foods and drinks as part of your diabetic. Here is a list which will make your choice easier

1. Beans (Of Any Kind!)

Whether they’re lentils, kidney, pinto, black or garbanzo; beans have a low glycemic index, which means  the carbohydrates are released gradually and hence they’re less likely to cause aspike in the blood sugar levels.

According to a   recent study,  eating a  cup of beans daily for three months as part of a low-glycemic index diet lowered HbA1c levels by half a percentage point.

2. Apples

Many people think that there is no room fruits in a diabetic diet but this isn’t true. One can consume fruits with a low or medium glycemic indexlike apples. Eating an apple a day also has other benefits – they are high in fiber, vitamin C and are  fat-free too! Not to mention an easy portable  snack option.

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