10 healthy snacks you can make and keep with you the whole week


When 3 o’clock hits, so do the munchies. For most of us that means reaching for a salty bag of chips. If you’re trying to take steps to be a little healthier, you could always go for some simple prepackaged healthy foods found at your local grocery store. But those do tend to break the bank (seriously, why do kale chips cost $10?).

For the most economical and healthy midday snacks, you can easily make your own healthy snacks. Luckily, there are plenty of recipes on Pinterest, for those of us who don’t know where to start, such as energy balls, chips, and even all-natural Fruit Roll-Ups. Store these delicious finger foods in the best food storage containers we’ve tested for an entire week of healthy snacking.

1. Sweet potato chips with less fat

These Baked Sweet Potato Chips from A Spicy Perspective are the best Lay’s alternative and only require three ingredients. Plus, you’re able to control how much oil and salt are going into your food rather than worrying over the preservatives listed on the bag. For thin, even slices, you’re going to want to use our favorite mandoline.

2. Chocolate bites that are still good for you

The only better combination than peanut butter and chocolate is probably peanut butter,banana, and chocolate. These Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bites from Smile Sandwich are perfectly portioned for a snack or dessert. Use the best baking sheet we’ve tested to freeze these little bites.

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