10 ways to clean your beauty products


Dermatologists recommend cleaning makeup supplies regularly, preferably every couple weeks. This can help to prevent acne, eye infections and bacteria from getting on your skin and makeup.

A Katy blogger, Nora Kapche who writes the blog Coupon Contessa, says she lives for lifestyle hacks and shares these 10  ways to clean beauty supplies

Makeup bag

You may have already thought about using a makeup remover wipe to remove the stains, but Kapche said antibacterial wipes will wipe the makeup clean and kill germs.

“If you clean the makeup bag, the products that you put in are going to be clean as well,” she said.

Eyelash curlers

Some say to use a lighter to clean your eyelash curler.

However, Kapche prefers a safer, less flammable method. She recommends getting inside the small grooves of the eyelash curler with a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Obviously, you should never use both the lighter and the alcohol together (hello, flammable).

Pencil sharpeners

Using a cotton swab with alcohol is a great way to clean this product and the swab easily gets inside the sharpener, too. Kapche said that means all the pencils you sharpen inside will be clean as well.

Nail and manicure tools

Alcohol works to disinfect, and a cotton swab is the perfect size to get between the clippers, scissors, etc.

Flat iron

Use alcohol on a sponge to clean the gunk that’s dried to your flat iron or curling iron. This one takes some elbow grease because chances are there’s a lot of hair products cooked onto the side, but alcohol does work to remove it eventually.

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