13 ways to get rid of fruit flies naturally


If you see tiny little gnat-like insects buzzing around your kitchen, it’s a good chance they’re fruit flies. These pesky bugs can be a problem all year long, but they’re most common in summer and into the fall. That’s because they love ripened fruits and vegetables.

When you bring in tomatoes, squash or other goodies from the garden, an infestation can easily start indoors. They’re also quickly enamored with those overipe bananas, potatoes, onion or any other unrefrigerated produce left on your counter or in your pantry.

Although overripe fruits and vegetables are their breeding ground of choice, they’ll also will breed in anything moist that has some fermenting material on it, such as drains, garbage disposals, garbage cans and cleaning rags. They’re also drawn to anything with alcohol or vinegar.

According to the University of Kentucky Entomology, adults are only about one-eighth of an inch long, but a female fly can lay 500 eggs in her very short life cycle — which is why they can multiply so quickly. One minute your kitchen is fine and the next, it is overrun with fruit flies.

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