25 Photos Of Princess Diana’s Legendary Sweater Style

Diana, Princess of Wales, is remembered for her sense of style — from her glamorous gowns to her colorful summer looks. Looking back at her fashion, it’s also clear she knew how to rock a sweater.

Even before officially joining the royal family, Lady Diana Spencer was photographed in an array of cardigans and pullovers. In her early years as a royal, she showed a particular fondness for colorful intarsia sweaters with quirky designs.

In 2020, the preppy streetwear brand Rowing Blazers re-released two of Diana’s most iconic sweaters through a collaboration with the original designers: the “I’m a Luxury” and sheep pullovers she wore in the 1980s.

But even if you don’t want to shell out for those pieces, you can still get some knitwear ideas from the late royal. We’ve rounded up 25 photos of Diana’s sweater style to inspire your fall wardrobe.

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