4 reasons why you should swim more


In case you are a swimmer and you love swimming, you are at an upper hand as you will be able to keep away from several health conditions. Owing to magical wonders that swimming does to your health, both mental and physical, experts are suggesting you better get a home near the pool side.

They say that the swimmers have lower mortality rates compared to runners, walkers and those leading sedentary lifestyles. If you are still not aware of the positive impact of swimming on your health, this is a piece you should never miss.

Swimming, a boon for patients with arthritis: For those who are suffering from arthritis, swimming is a bliss. While you might go through some pain initially post swimming, it helps your arthritis joint, lowers joint stiffness and brings an end to the discomfort you are suffering from.

In case you are not suffering from arthritis, swimming helps you in strengthening your body muscles, enhances muscular strength and endurance. Water makes you buoyant, thereby backing up your weight, spine, joints and muscles. Also, swimming keeps your heart healthy and makes it more efficient in pumping blood by improving cardiovascular functional capacity.

Swimming soothes your mental health, destresses: Exercise related swimming brings a positive feeling and reduces stress. It induces a positive energy in your mind and a positive response to being in the water. Also, swimming with others boosts up a community spirit.

You get to make new friends, develop a health spirit of competition and nurture a social network of intimacy. According to a 2010 report of University of Valencia, Spain, “Participation in swim meets feeds your competitive spirit, boosts up psychological well-being and strengthens your mental health.

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