5 healthy habits world’s most successful achievers follow every day


It’s never too late to start a good habit and kick out an unhealthy one, especially when it comes to weight loss, fitness, healthy eating and overall health. On Independence Day, let’s aim to take freedom from bad habits that are holding us back and start on our journey of wellbeing and good health with some motivation from these eminent personalities.

Don’t skimp on sleep. Sleep for 8 hours like Jeff Bezos
Not much is known about the workout routine of the Amazon CEO, but when you see the world’s richest man’s ripped arms in photos, you know for a fact that he is serious about his fitness. What we know is that he ensures he gets eight hours of sleep every night. He has even stated that he doesn’t use alarm clocks and chooses to wake up naturally instead. He also believes in eating a hearty breakfast and devotes early mornings to his family.

Don’t wake up late. Start your day early like Indra Nooyi
4 am! That’s when Pepsi chairman Indra Noori wakes up every day. Studies have shown waking up early before sunrise has immense health benefits – it makes you more energetic, happier, more productive and lowers your risk of depression. Indra who recently stepped down as the CEO, reaches office by 7 am to take on her work.

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