5 lifestyle habits that can affect your brain function

When you spend quite a significant amount of time on internet, you may not be realizing that you are actually affecting your brain function. Whether you are addicted to Facebook, Instagram, or you just keep on reading something online, your brain is negatively impacted.

Not only doctors, science also back this view. The internet can alter specific brain regions and affect our attention capacity, memory processes and social interaction, says a study published in the journal World Psychiatry.

Scientists explain that the limitless stream of prompts and notifications from the internet encourages us towards constantly holding a divided attention. This, in turn, may decrease our capacity for maintaining concentration on a single task.

That is why, in 2018, the World Health Organization, in 2018, came out with a new screen-time guideline for kids. According to these guidelines, young children (aged 2-5) should be exposed to only one hour per day, or less, of screen time.

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