5 Reasons Mornings Are the Best Time to Work Out


Hotly debated fitness topics are in no short supply: yoga vs. pilates, cardio vs. strength training, and the treadmill vs. outdoor running. But no dispute is as polarizing as the one surrounding morning vs. evening workouts.

Of course, the absolute best time to work out is whenever gym time meshes with your schedule so actually show up on the regular. If you can only squeeze in a jog or yoga flow late at night, it’s smarter to do that then skip it altogether, exercise physiologists and trainers say.

But starting the day with a heart-pumping sweat session does come with indisputable health benefits. And now that daylight saving time has ended, mornings are brighter, so getting out of bed and into your workout leggings isn’t as hard as you might think. Let us make the case with these five science-backed reasons to start setting your alarm a little bit earlier.

You’ll make better wellness choices all day

“When you start the day working on your health, you’ll strive to maintain that healthiness,” explains Zack Daley, training manager at Crunch and head coach at Tone House in New York City.

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