5 reasons you should eat organic produce


If you care about foodl, you may remember hearing about a 2012 Stanford University report. The report found that organic foods don’t necessarily contain substantially more nutrients than non-organic ones.

Listening to the way this news was reported, it sounded to me as if the news media saw organics as a fad or as a devious way for farmers to make an extra buck from consumers, which is a horribly offensive suggestion, even if oblique, considering how few farmers feed so many people, how little money they generally earn, and how organic producers tend to be passionate about soil health, clean water and producing delicious food.

(If anything, they don’t worry enough about their own bottom lines.) Being an organic farmer is much like being a writer; you do it because you love it, because it’s your passion, and because you think it matters, not for the big bucks.

Besides being personally offended by the glee with which the mainstream media seemed to report this news, I also find it pretty disingenuous.

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