7 skincare tips to keep your skin hydrated during winter


The cold season in not kind to your skin. Dr. Sruthi Gondi, MD and Founder, Science of Skin, tells us how to keep our skin soft and supple during the long winter months.

If you think parched, dry skin is an unavoidable part of life especially during the winter months, think again. During winter season, as temperatures drop, the humidity in the air drops too and this leads to dryness in the skin. But with proper care, you can easily avoid this condition.


Winter is not a good time for your skin. It takes a heavy toll on ski health. Let us take a look at how you can keep your skin soft and supple during the harsh winter months.

Don’t take a hot shower

We all prefer to have a hot shower during winter. But we forget that it will lead to even drier skin. Experts suggest keeping showers short and warm during the cold season. After finishing your shower, moisturise your skin by applying a light layer of body oil followed by a good body lotion. It is very important to follow this step rigorously as it helps the moisturiser to penetrate deep into the skin.

Rehab cracked skin overnight

Apart from our face, it’s also very important to take care of our hands and feet during winters. Once you apply a good heavy moisturiser all over your body, get a pair of white cotton socks and gloves and wear them before hitting the bed. When you wake up the next morning, you will find your palms and heels softer and hydrated. This therapy is called ‘sock and glove therapy’.

Resist the urge to lick your lips

We all have this problem of dry lips. When it’s dry, you lick it more. But we forget that our saliva contains enzymes that break down our lips further. In order to keep your lips hydrated, it’s better not to leave them naked. Select a product that contains SPF for excess protection.

You still require SPF

During winter, we generally neglect and step out of our home without applying sunscreen thinking that there are no UV rays to harm our skin. But we forget that although there is less UVB during winter, levels of UVA are still high enough to age our skin.

Keep your legs covered

It’s very important to moisturise your legs especially if you are wearing hosiery every day for work. It helps to prevent the leg ‘dandruff’ that can come out when you take off your hose.

Mist your bedroom

It is suggested by experts to add a humidifier to your bedroom in order to add moisture to the air. This will indirectly help you maintain a moisturised and glowing skin

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