7 Times Jessica Biel Went Totally Makeup Free

Actress, model, and producer Jessica Biel, 38, is a woman we just *love* to love. Not only is she killing the acting game (hello, Sinner!) and being a kickass mom, but she’s also got veeerry glowy skin, too. Like, she fully looks ageless.

And on top of all that, she’s an avid social media user that loooves to post no-makeup selfies all over her page. (Where her skin looks pretty near perfect, if we’re being honest.)

So now that we’re well aware Jessica is a clear-complexion goddess, let’s dive a little bit into her skincare routine. Apparently she’s very into toner, which she uses to prep her skin before putting on moisturizer or makeup, her long-time makeup artist Daniel Martin told Refinery29.

She also loves eye masks, which keep the dry skin around her eyes supple and hydrated, Martin explains. And ICYMI, Jessica’s face is totally free of Botox: “Honestly, I’m really scared of it,” the actress told Vogue.

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