8 best night creams that revive and restore skin as you sleep

Cold nights are for popping the fire (or heating) on, snuggling up to loved ones and going in hard with the skincare. Sub-zero conditions can strip your skin of natural moisture and married with the heating being on full whack, the air is basically bone dry wherever you are.

When you’re seemingly fighting a losing battle, instincts are to wallop as many products on your face as you can to salvage your skin. Reaching for rich, heavy creams to ensure you’re shielding yourself from the elements is usually everyone’s go-to.

The irony is that while these creams might feel marvellous when applied, they may be having the opposite effect you desire. Skin cells regenerate overnight, so suffocating pores with unnecessary silicones or stressful sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a huge no go.

Equally, you’ll find less natural oil secretion while you slumber so skin will be naturally drier. Any alcohols or fragrances are going to leech onto this and party until dawn, sadly leaving you looking like you’re the one that’s been on a bender.

The key is to be kind but firm, depending on your target concerns. There’s something for every budget on this list so nestle in and get your skin nourished overnight with all the right ingredients.

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This Works my wrinkles midnight moisture, 48ml: £52, Space NK

We all try and avoid those inevitable fine lines and wrinkles. But in a bold move, This Works slaps the dreaded W-word on the packaging of this traditionally rich night offering.

It feels indulgent with a waft of lavender to give you that getting ready for bed feeling. There’s a unique addition of Persian silk tree to provide extra cleansing benefits along with nature’s retinol alternative: bakuchiol on a macadamia nut and glycerin base for serious moisture.

You’ll only need a small amount which is always helpful as this pot will go a long way. It absorbs nicely and is a particularly good choice if you want some extra anti-ageing help while you kip but want to steer clear of stronger retinols. It’s a slow burner, but the results are worth the wait.

Oskia bedtime beauty boost, 50ml: £85, Oskia

An impressive 11 beauty boosting active ingredients are in this slumber party of a product, but the texture remains satisfyingly light. We’ve got the brands’ trademark beauty mineral sulphur with niacinamide, kukui seed oil and swiss apple stem cells. Combined, these work as a collagen stimulator while feeding you with nutrients throughout the night.

It’s welcomingly non-greasy for the amount of different oils packed into the formula and has a strong scent of Bulgarian rose which gives a silken feeling on the skin. These are natural fragrances however so should be kind to your skin, but do bear this in mind if you are rather unforgiving when it comes to parfums of any kind.

A great choice for all round hydration with a mega vitamin shot. There’s pretty much every letter of the alphabet in the ingredients list.

Avon distillery sleep potion, 30ml: £18, Avon

The once notorious door to door beauty empire Avon launched a capsule collection earlier this year and it’s a no-frills, nifty series comprised of five key products.

This night addition is a clear gel, so quite dissimilar to other products on the market and good for those who don’t want to feel creamed up to the max before hitting the hay. Equally those with sensitive skins will benefit thanks to the no-nonsense mantra.

It’s a simple concoction of glycerin, niacinamide and urea with some hyaluronic acid peppered in-between. It’s vegan and eco-friendly, with a commitment to using less water in formulas to ensure the concentrated goodness breaks through.

Shiro sake kasu facial cream: £78, Shiro

A rather interesting option from Japanese powerhouse Shiro, this is crafted from its sake kasu from a historic brewery in Hokkaido. A super nourishing ingredient and highly moisturising to boot.

The flaxseed also helps with any inflammation while the white sesame is ground and then squeezed by hand to produce a natural moisture surge. While nutrient dense, wear this with a decent SPF and you’ve also got the perfect all round day cream too.

Perfectly minimal and compact, it’s a chic and unique option aiding towards firmer and softer skin with continued use.

Verso night cream, 50ml: £95, Cult Beauty

Another international addition from our friends in Sweden is this retinol complex from Verso. Its vitamin A derivative has eight times the power of a traditional retinol in the same dosage so if anti-ageing is what your dreams are made of, this might be the one for you.

As well as traditional butters and squalene, this includes settling tumeric to assist with any redness and soothing oats for a little calming. It’s a beautiful texture to touch and sinks into the skin effortlessly. Perfect for city dwellers who need a bit of extra TLC come the end of the day with a thoughtful and hard hitting formula.

Aurelia cell revitalise night moisturiser, 60ml: £58, Look Fantastic

Probiotic powerhouse Aurelia has packed all of its favourites into this overnight potion. The probiotics help balance stressed complexions and calm overstimulated skin from pollutants and other daily onslaughts. Besides from this, it also features biobab which is rich in omegas, avocado for your fatty acid fix and aloe vera to help the product to melt into the skin.

This is a joy if your skin isn’t sensitive as there’s a hefty amount of essential oils and rich ingredients which might send you in the wrong direction if it’s easily aggravated. But for those who can handle it, you’ll reap the rewards from a jam packed, dreamy cocktail of skin goodies.

Susanne Kaufmann intensive cold cream, 50ml: £58, Net-A-Porter

Dry skinned beauties rejoice as Susanne Kaufmann has come to the rescue once again. Her grandmother taught her the regenerative aid of alpine plants and this has been specifically formulated for wintery conditions. Pansies, echinacea and black-eyed Susans are big protectors for sensitive skin here too.

Worthwhile for those with rosacea in particular as an all over or spot treatment. Anyone could use this as an overnight mask once a week as a first aid kit as the healing properties are through the roof. Lovely after a few snow angels.

Omorovicza rejuvenating night cream, 50ml: £115, John Lewis & Partners

Peptides, minerals and vitamins are throughout Omorvicza’s night balm, with plum extract working to protect cells against free radicals and damaging the skin any further. There’s wild carrot to boost collagen and hazelnut peptide to give you a lift. It has that traditionally luxe feel to it but isn’t heavy or greasy. Satisfying with a subtle nutty scent.

This works like a dream if you’re wanting all round comfort and care with a solid, proven to work base of ingredients.

The verdict: Night creams

This Works lives up to its name thanks to a smart and sophisticated formula. Shiro is in a class of its own with a minimal but effective approach. Avon is a great option if you’re looking to save some dosh but not scrimp on the good stuff.

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