9 Face Mists To Refresh Your Skin This Summer

Gorgeous, young, brown haired woman with clean fresh is moisturing own skin by cotton pads. Symbolic image of facial treatment, cosmetology, beauty technologies and spa. Close-up detail.

What happens when your skin feels incredibly dull and fatigued in the middle of the afternoon? A splash of water might smudge your makeup while blotting sheets don’t go beyond removing excess oil.

What will work is a facial mist. Summer has plenty of searing hot days but they shouldn’t affect your skin so just mist your worries away! Keep these 9 facial mists handy in your office desk or tote so the next time a heat wave sets in, you’ve got it covered.

The Khadi Natural Herbal Face Freshener is made with two summer superheroes – mint and cucumber. They work on all skin types to hydrate and tone the face.

The St.Botanica Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 Face Mist is packed with natural extracts of lemon peel, aloe vera, turmeric and more. While refreshing the face instantly, it also boosts its radiance on the go.

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