5 Amazing Beauty Products You Need To Try

An ingredient that has held an important spot in ancient hair care remedies is amla, or the Indian gooseberry. Since ages the fruit, which is also considered to be a superfood, has been used in many ways to look after one’s health and beauty needs.

Especially when it comes to taking care of our hair, it is known to work miraculously to deeply nourish the follicles, strengthen the roots and bring about natural radiance. Amla is a great source of antioxidants, and comes packed with essential vitamins and minerals that work together to keep your hair strong and beautiful.

So from amla herbal shampoos to hair packs and moisturising hair oils, there are many amazing ways you can include amla in your beauty routine and reap its wonderful benefits. Here are five amla hair care products that you must definitely look out for:

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