Ayurveda-Inspired beauty tips for Amazing skin and hair

One of the greatest gifts India has given to the world is Ayurveda. Literally means ‘knowledge of life’, this ancient science of medicine prescribes being in harmony with the earth, water, air, fire, and space or either. All treatments are derived from plants – either the roots, stems, barks, seeds or leaves and are prescribed after identifying one’s doshas or body temperament.

Here’s a list of key ingredients that are used that you need to adopt in your daily beauty routine based on your skin and hair concerns. Don’t believe us? Call your mom!

Yes, Grandma’s favourite plant, neem does go a long way in skin care. Aside from having anti-inflammatory properties (perfect for those who suffer from skin redness), it is also anti-microbial to help fight acne-causing germs. What’s more, it also treats scars and tightens pores. Do you need more convincing to incorporate neem into your beauty regime.

Saffron has a long history with India. We use it in our food and wedding ceremonies. There’s a reason why brides are partial to using these delicate threads, it helps provide a radiant glow and naturally lightens your skin.

Sandalwood is one of the most expensive beauty ingredients in the world but it’s worth its weight in gold. It can treat anything from rashes to sunburn owing to its cooling properties. It helps moisturise your skin and is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

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