Can your DNA unlock your ideal diet plan?

Something has happened in the last few decades that made people worldwide susceptible to weight gain, and released our potential to become obese. Yet in this obesogenic environment, it seems like there’s quite a range in individual vulnerability.

Might it be in our genes?

A few genetic differences have been associated with obesity – the most famous of these genes is the FTO gene – and known specific gene variants are linked with the way some foods and nutrients are metabolized.

These findings led to the vision that the future of weight management lies with personalized, genetically tailored eating plans.

Food4Me is a European Union project tasked with studying the opportunities, challenges and potential of personalized diet plans. So far, its personalized diet plans integrating genetic information have demonstrated no clear advantage for weight loss.

Commercial genetics-based plans, such as Habit, Nutrigenomix and Profile are, however, already in the market, and offer their services directly to the consumer. They promise that their testing and individualized plans lead to better weight loss and disease prevention, and encourage you to start eating by your genes.

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