Candle making at home for beginners

The art of candle making has a history of ages. Even in this modern world of technology, candle making has got its own importance. Whether you are using it for party or illuminate the room when the power is off, the candle serves the purpose at its best. If you are the one who is looking to learn candle making process, here is a detailed guide for you.

Let’s get started up with the things we need to make candles.  The startup cost of this candle making is relatively low, once you have suppliers online, you can move ahead making wonderful yet inexpensive candles. Let’s move ahead looking into the things that are needed for candle making.

Wax: There are three different types of waxes to choose from Paraffin (traditional wax used from ages), Beeswax (oldest wax used for making candles) and Soy (a new one started since 90’s).

Wick: Be cautious about a selection of the wick, a wick with bigger size and width will fit your needs at the best as the candle you are going to prepare is likely to have some diameter.

Fragrance oils

Pleasing aroma is a must for candles to address today’s needs, Thousands of fragrance oils are just Google search away, you can pick according to your choice.

Double boiler: Any double boiler can fit your needs but I choose to go by traditional method of melting wax here.

Other accessories:  containers, thermometers spatula, old pen(s), etc.

Step-1- prepare work area

Prepare your work area by spreading papers or paper towels to avoid droplets of wax spoiling the cooking top. Have thermometers, spatula containers and wicks ready before you start work.

Step-2 melt wax

Take a double boiler and pour enough of water and put half a pound of wax into it and melt it till it reaches the temperature between 160 and 170 degrees and takes it off from the heat.

Step-3 Adhere Wick to Container

While the wax is melting adhere wick to the center of the container with the help of adhesive attached it. If not you can use super glue to complete the task.

step 4: Add Fragrance Oils and Stir

After the wax is melted, add the fragrance oil of your choice and the ratio depends on the type of wax that is being used follow the instructions accordingly. Pour the fragrance into a double boiler and stir it for 30 seconds so that the fragrance spreads eventually.

 Step -5 Cool, and Pour Into Container

Take the help of the thermometer to check if the wax has reached the temperature of 130-140 degrees and pour it into the container while having light hold on the wick to help it stay at the centre.

step-6 secure Wick

As you are pouring hot wax into the container, glue at the end of the Wick may get melted so, to help it stay centre while the wax hardens, place a pen on the top of the container with the wick in between

Step-7 Let Cool, Then Top Off

As the wax melts down, it forms a sinkhole in the middle. Now, see how much is to be refilled, reheat the leftover wax in the boiler and add the required amount to get a smooth surface.

Step-8: Trim wick

Trim the wick that is sticking few inches up from the candle to 1/4th to ensure that the flame burns at the right length.