Coated Jeans: The Trend To Wear Now


As retailers have finally started catering to a wider variety of body shapes (thank you, Eloquii and Universal Standard), they’re also opening up trends to become more accessible for those of us who aren’t swimming in cash. Case in point: this fall’s frenzy for coated jeans, which let you have the look of leather for a fraction of the price. While actual leather pants could run you up to $1,000, coated jeans can be had for $50or less

First things first: What are coated jeans? Basically, they don’t feel like jeans at all. Constructed of the fabrics you typically find in denim ― cotton, polyester and elastane ― they’re finished with a waxy coating that mimics the texture and sheen of leather.

This means, of course, that they’re not exactly breathable — but that’s what makes them perfect for fall’s dropping temperatures. If you’re concerned your sweat will make them stick to your skin, stylist Ama Godson suggests wearing a pair of thin leggings or tights underneath. The London-based Godson designs looks for a variety of private and public clients, and she’s a huge fan of coated jeans ― and an expert on how to do them right.

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