Keep ageing at bay with these skincare tips

Scientists are working on a drug that may delay your ageing process. While this may be a reality soon, amp up your skincare arsenal with these six natural remedies to keep looking young.

Who doesn’t want to stay young forever? But no one can escape the inevitable touch of time that manifests itself through a myriad of signs, wrinkles and skin spots being the first among others. Though we cannot stop time from touching us, we can delay our ageing process for sure.

Scientific research in the field of anti-ageing also shows us rays of hope. In a study conducted at the University of New South Wales, researchers have identified a drug that can boost your DNA repair and reverse ageing. The findings of the study were mentioned in the journal Science where the scientists mentioned that the metabolite NAD+, a coenzyme present in every living cell plays a pivotal role in regulating the protein-to-protein interactions which manage your DNA repair.

During the study, when the scientists treated mice with an NAD+ precursor known as MNM, they noted a significant improvement in the ability of mice cells to repair DNA damage which may have occurred due to radiation exposure or ageing. The lead author of the study, David Sinclair elucidated that the results of the study may lead to an actual anti-ageing drug which could enter the market soon.

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