Know about these 9 genes behind eyebrow colours

Eyebrow colour is one of the most recognisable visual traits of the human body. It has a strong correlation with hair colour, but scientists believe in the existence of overlapping and unique genetic components for both traits.Previous studies on human eyes, hair, and skin colour have identified multiple gene variants, but no findings for eyebrow colour have been reported as of yet.

For the new study, researchers from China, the Netherlands, Australia, Britain and the US analysed samples of 6,513 European individuals, and graded colours into four categories: red, blond, brown and black, Xinhua reported.

They found that eight genes, previously known pigmentation genes, could affect both eyebrow and hair colour, such as gene variant MC1R, responsible for both blond eyebrows and red hair.

In addition, C10orf11 is the newly-identified gene that only affects eyebrow colours.With these findings, researchers developed an eyebrow colour prediction model and are ready to improve it by studying the different age distributions.

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