Know why proteins are essential for hair growth


Proteins are building blocks of hair, skin and nails. More than 80% of our hair is composed of keratin (which is a protein). “A protein-rich diet can make your hair strong , long and healthy. About 100-150 mg of protein intake in a day is necessary. Without sufficient protein intake, hair can become brittle.

In addition to proteins, vitamins and minerals like iron, vitamin A and Vitamin H, are also essential. Your hairneeds a balance of protein, minerals and moisture to amplify your beauty,”

Sources of dietary protein: Fish, eggs, lean meats, red meat, poultry and cheese. Beans, lentils (dals) , nuts, dry fruits, tofu, and pulses are ‘secondary proteins’ or ‘plant proteins’ –  they don’t contain the same amount of essential amino acids as animal proteins, and not absorbed easily.

External protein treatments for hair: There are many challenges that we face daily like pollutants, smoking, dirt, harsh chemicals, and even hard water. Keeping that balance in check needs assistance and hence many hair products that contain moisture as well as proteins and nutrients help us to overcome these challenges and maintain our crowning glory

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