Modern Primers for Naturally Glowing Skin

Going makeup-free can be a liberating concept until you’re confronted with bad lighting, skin flare-ups or bouts of redness. In those times, getting by on moisturizer alone can be a challenge. Fortunately, a new breed of hybrid beauty product has emerged to subtly minimize imperfections without requiring layers of foundation or heavy powders.

Behold the modern primer. Of course, these fluids have been around for decades, employed as a first step to even out skin tone, fill in pores and smooth the surface of your face to prep it for foundation. But the formulas of the past were light on any lasting benefits, and often left a white-ish cast on the complexion.

The latest iterations, however, have smart technology — soft-focus filters, breathable textures — and skin-care-level ingredients, making them function as highlighter, serum and moisturizer in one tube. In fact, you might find that they flatter your complexion well enough that you can wear them alone — as a base, in lieu of makeup — and not regret that decision later.

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