More employers are offering workers time to chill in summer

Summertime and the living is easy — unless you’re stuck in an overly-air-conditioned office for eight hours each day getting bombarded with Instagram posts featuring colleagues lounging in the Hamptons or catching waves with their kids at the Jersey Shore

“I need more time off,” you want to scream. And while many employers offer an average of 10 to 19 days paid vacation, for most employees, that’s not enough.

A recent survey conducted by MetLife reveals that among emerging benefits such as wellness programs, paid sabbaticals or onsite free services, more time off ranks top of the wish list.

A survey of 115,000 employees conducted by Harvard Business School assistant professor Ashley Whillans also found that providing intangible non-cash benefits, like flexible work options or the ability to choose assignments, led to much stronger job satisfaction than straightforward cash.

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