Nutritionist shares 5 diet myths to forget forever


Starting a new diet can be challenging. What can make it even harder is if you believe all the myths, and aren’t able to focus on your own healthy eating goals. There is a lot of misinformation out there!

As a registered dietitian, these are the myths I hear constantly. Here, I separate fact from fiction, and offer some advice to keep you on the healthy track.

Losing weight is really about adding healthier foods to your diet. Think more veggies, more often, and strive to eat more produce, seafood, plant-based protein sources (chickpeas, lentils, beans), nuts and seeds.
Take a closer look at your diet, and figure out where you can add more veggies and fruits to meals and snacks. Try to add one extra veggie to a meal per day, or one extra piece of fruit with your snack. You’ll be consuming more nutrients, and you’ll feel more full.

It’s time we all stop buying into the myth of “detox” products. Your body naturally detoxes itself, and you don’t need any drinks or cleanses to help it.

Stick to this rule: Chew, don’t drink, your meals. Digestion begins in your mouth, so the whole process of chewing, digesting and absorbing nutrients can help you feel more satisfied. Be wary of any “tea tox” or “cleanse” products. They aren’t evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, so there’s no guarantee you’re getting what you pay for. Plus, some may have health risks.

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