Specialists warn about risks of cannabis edibles


As cannabis edibles become legal in an increasing number of countries, medical experts are warning people about the possible health risks that these may pose to consumers, as well as their family members.

The use of cannabis — for medical and, sometimes, recreational purposes — is becoming legal in an increasing number of countries around the world, with regions of the United States currently in the lead.

The most recent example, however, is that of Canada, where authorities declared certain cannabis edibles — cannabis-infused foods — legal as of October 2019.

In Canada, respondents to recent Deloitte surveys reported that they were eager to use edibles not just for recreational purposes, but also for a range of medical reasons, chiefly to help them cope with anxiety and sleep disorders.

“It is [also] notable that current edible consumers say they are more likely to buy premade cannabis edibles rather than make their own — mainly because it’s more convenient, according to 80% of current consumers,” states the Deloitte report based on the results of those surveys.

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