The Best Loungewear For Warm Weather That Takes The Sweat Out Of Sweats

Is it getting hot in here?

These last few months, you might have just been living in loungewear for quarantine, leaving your blazers and button-downs in the back of your closet. But the days of long-sleeved sweatpants and sweatshirts are over now that summer is practically here.

Even before the official start of summer on June 20, chances are you’ll be feeling the heat and ready to put on your best biker shorts, move your office outdoors and start (finally) shaving your legs again. You might even be loading up on the best DEET-free bug spray before going out to your balcony or backyard.

Since this summer might be more about staying in than going out too much, you might not be looking for summer dresses with zippers and shorts with lots of buttons.

Instead, you’re probably in search of loungewear for quarantine this summer that’ll keep you cool when the temperature’s rising. These warm weather loungewear pieces will be just as comfortable as your sweats — but won’t make you sweat. (And, they’re all under $100).

Check out these loungewear pieces that are perfect for the sunny days to come:

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