These 4 yoga asanas can help you fight acne

Acne is a bane many have to live with. If you have acne, you have definitely tried a number of things: skin treatments, face packs, acne creams, natural remedies, changing your diet. But it is very likely that you haven’t tried yoga for acne. There are several ways yoga helps you fight acne.

Yoga can eliminate and alleviate stress, improve blood circulation, help purge impurities from the blood and regulate digestion and bowel movements — all of which affect your skin health. Did you know that yoga has anti-ageing properties too? Don’t give up on acne just yet if you haven’t tried yoga.

Here are some easy yoga asanas you can try to fight acne. Make sure to perform these asanas for at least a month to see the results.

Lie down flat on your stomach with legs stretched out and arms by your side,Bend your legs and catch your ankles. Simultaneously, pull your ankles and raise your legs.

Inhaling, raise your head and neck upward. Hold the position,Exhaling, return to the starting position.

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