These Nike Swim Shorts Are Perfect For Any Trip To The Beach

With the spring in full swing, the weather is getting warmer out. And soon enough, it’ll be the summer. Which means trips to the beach are in our immediate futures. So if you want to enjoy those trips to the beach in style and comfort, you’ll want to pick up these Nike Swim Shorts from Zappos right now.

Being that Nike is one of the best brands in the world for activewear, it should be no surprise to find out that these Nike 7″ Essential Vital Volley Swim Shorts are pretty amazing. Not just in terms of comfort, but in terms of style. You can look pretty great when you head out in the ocean this season.

That’s because the Nike 7″ Essential Vital Volley Swim Shorts are made with a high level of craftsmanship. The polyester used here gives the color of these shorts a nice pop. It’s a sleek and simple design, but one no less impressive thanks to the team at Nike doing that thing they always do.

Comfort is also high when you put on these Nike Swim Shorts. That polyester is perfect for hitting the beach in. Nice and soft and loose, keeping you breezy. Makes swimming an easy proposition. And they quickly dry when you’re out of the water, making it easy to get back in the car. Not to mention cooling you down in the summer sun.

Zappos is always dealing in the best brands, and this pair of Nike 7″ Essential Vital Volley Swim Shorts is proof of that. You can get yourself a comfortable and stylish pair of swim trunks just in time for the beach season to start. Pick up a pair now while stock is high and the price is low.

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