Tiger Shroff does pull-ups every day: Here’s why you should follow suit


Tiger Shroff is arguably one of the fittest and well-groomed actors in the Bollywood industry. The ‘Munna Michael’ actor, who has an envious body, is a fitness freak and is known to never skip his workout. He regularly shares videos of his workout session on Instagram. In the latest video posted on the social media, the actor is seen doing pull-ups at the gym, flaunting his chiselled body. He also asked his fans to do pull-ups every day. “Hope you guys are pulling yourselves up everyday, 2020 almost through,” Shroff wrote, hinting that he never misses it. Also Read – Taapsee Pannu’s nutritionist spill the beans on her shredding diet for “Rashmi Rocket”

Benefits of doing pull-ups every day

Pull-ups are included in every top workout program as a back or bicep exercise. It is also a popular military drill exercise. The benefits of pull-ups are numerous and lifting your whole body up every day can give you an amazing physique, take Tiger Shroff as an example.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of doing pull-ups every day or on a consistent basis.

Targets multi muscles at once

Like deadlift, bench press, squat and the shoulder press, pull-ups are also a compound exercise that works many muscles at once.

Lifting your whole body from the floor by hanging on a bar brings all the upper body muscles, including the lats, traps, deltoids, pecs, biceps, forearms and triceps, into action. This means you don’t need to train each of these muscles separately. Thus, pull-ups are a great workout to build your upper body strength.

Saves your time

As pull-ups do the job of many exercises through one single movement, it helps save your time. Plus, this form of exercise can be performed with minimal gym equipment. In fact, you can do them anywhere, as long as you have a bar to hang unto and pull yourself up from the ground. This means pull-ups can be done regularly, without spending your hard-earned on expensive gym memberships.

A very versatile exercise

By being versatile, we mean you can use countless variations of pull-ups to target your muscles from different angles or to focus on the parts of your physique that you want to improve more. You can do so by changing the grip, the way you position your legs or the width between your hands on the bar.

For instance, if you want to focus on the outer lats and biceps more than the middle portion of the back, a close grip pull-up can do the job. A wider grip is preferable for building more back depth in the middle, as it engages the traps and the inner lats much better. Keeping your legs extended while pulling up will target more of your midsection and lower back.

Offers a variety of paths to improve

When you do pull-ups every day, you’re constantly building your strength and endurance. There are also a variety of paths you can take to improve your performance.

For instance, you can start by doing close grip pull-ups which are easier to do and gradually widen the grip. With time, you can also add more weight to improve your performance. You can try holding a dumbbell between your legs or use a heavy backpack. Pull-ups also offer you the freedom to do them faster, slower, or to increase your reps. The more you do them, the more you can improve.

You will get a V-shape physique

Envious of Tiger Shroff’s V-shape physique? You can also increase the width of your upper body by performing pull-ups every day. Pull-ups are an excellent workout for building the back muscles and almost any pull up variation engages the latissimus dorsi. Apart from building width, you would be able to develop the round delts that complement the wide back by doing more pull ups.

Increases grip strength

Doing pull-ups every day is important for building a strong grip and forearm strength as well. And having a strong grip is crucial for performing and improving deadlifts, back rows and many other pulling exercises.

Easy on joints and tendons

Pull-ups are a few exercises (including chin ups, crunches and push ups) that you can do every day without hurting your joints and tendons. The joints and tendons located in the elbow and shoulder region are the only ones activated while performing pull-ups, but they can handle a lot of work.

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