Vegan Diet: Fuel your Morning Workout with These Vegan Meals


The biggest obstacle that comes to one’s mind with Veganism is that it’s very expensive but going vegan doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Mukul Nagpaul, a former national level Badminton player and founder of Pmftraining, recommends people who follow a vegan diet to not to indulge in foods that are expensive, and instead look for things that you can buy in bulk. In a tête-à-tête with, the ACE certified personal trainer who is based in Delhi, has shared tips for choosing vegan foods on a budget as well as the best vegan meals to fuel your morning workout. Also Read – Vegan diet may lead to poorer bone health: Boost your calcium and protein intake with these foods

“You can also visit some places, like apple orchards or grape orchards, and pick the fresh produce at minimum prices. This way you can bring home quite a lot of food without pinching your pocket. Think in advance rather than feeling limited to what you find in your grocery store. Look into local food co-ops and other places where you might be able to get a discount on produce that is in season. Farms, orchards, and even some grocery stores may offer bulk rates for large quantities of in-season produce,” said the fitness trainer. Also Read – Are you vegan? Load up on pickles, sauerkraut and more for your daily dose of probiotics

Benefits of exercise + vegan diet Also Read – Vegans at higher risk of bone fractures: Here’s how to boost your calcium intake

Exercise is especially important for your wellbeing, whether you are vegan or not. You want to be able to get rid of the excess toxins in your body, which is something that can be done through sweating and working hard. You also want to maintain a high confidence level. Exercise is a proven way to help build confidence and maintain a positive attitude. It releases endorphins and feel-good chemicals in the body and brain so that even when you are facing adverse circumstances, you are more likely to be able to handle them with pride.

Not only that but everyone envisions a vegan lifestyle as healthy and conscientious. There is no good reason to neglect your health. Exercising is something we all need to do to maintain great shape and to feel productive and happy in our lives. If we are neglecting our bodies, it can lead to negative thoughts and sometimes even depression. When we are exercising, it is easier for us to stay active and motivated to fight for the causes that we believe in the most – Nagpaul asserted.

What a vegan should eat before a morning workout?

Now talking about what to eat before a morning workout. It’s very important to eat something which provides complex carbohydrates but is still light enough to keep you energetic throughout the workout. Good pre workout meal will help you build lean muscle and recover properly from the workout. Think of it like fuelling a car with the right fuel to make sure it works at an optimum level as poor pre workout meals can cause nausea, bloating, cramping and less energy. Following are good pre workout vegan options as per the trainer –

Oats with fruit, nuts or seeds

Oats are great as they provide complex carbs plus you can add some fruits for some burst of energy, nuts to add some protein and seeds like flax or chia for some extra health benefits

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are well liked for their taste, but other good part is that they provide complex carbs and are well loaded with vitamins and minerals which makes it a great pre workout meal

Apple with Nut butter

Apple provides complex carbs to fuel the workout and peanut or almond butter provides some healthy fats to keep you less hungry for your workout

Multi grain toast with banana

A multi grain toast with banana can provide you with the right amount of simple and complex carbs to help you perform at your optimum level during the workout.

Fuel your morning workout with these vegan meals and share your experience with us.

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