Video: Jalen Rose Has Emotional Moment On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an incredibly special holiday for many people, but it can be a difficult occasion as well. This is definitely a tough day for Jalen Rose.

Rose lost his mother Jeanne back in February after a long cancer battle. The former NBA star has been open about how close he was with his mom and what kind of mark she left simply because ofthe unique name she gave him.

On this afternoon’s edition of on ESPN, Rose paid tribute to his mother and grandmother. This is his first Mother’s Day without either of them, and Rose is understandably struggling.

“Mom, I’m gonna make you proud,” he said through tears.

It’s heartbreaking to see Rose break down like that, but also pretty inspiring to hear about the special relationship he had with his mom.

We also have no doubt that he has made his mom proud throughout his life in the game of basketball and will continue to do so as an analyst.

And to everyone else out there who celebrates, Happy Mother’s Day.

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