We Found 10 Items Under $100 Hiding In The Coach Sale Section

Every once and while, it’s worth sneaking a peek at the sale section of favorite designer brands just to see if there’s anything worth writing home about.

After doing some online window shopping myself, I noticed that, in uncharacteristic fashion, luxury handbag and accessories designer Coach had a bunch of spring-looking items for extremely reasonable prices.

There are plenty of shoes, including loafers and sandals, for under $100 (including these luxurious leopard print loafers), and trendy gold jewelry for less than $50.

If you’ve ever wanted to snag a designer accessory at a discount, now’s the time, whether you’re prepping your spring wardrobe or want to stash away something for next winter.

So you can spend less time searching and more time shopping, we’ve rounded up 10 spring-looking items under $100 that are hiding the Coach sale section.

Take a look:


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