Weight loss: Tips to get back in shape post


Managing weight and sticking to a strict diet during festivals is hard. Get-togethers, parties, and just the festive mood make you want to get high on food and drinks. The menus are tempting too because why not, it’s time to celebrate. However, this may quickly make you gain weight for you have no time to burn those extra calories you have taken. While you enjoy to the fullest during the festival, you need to get back to your weight loss plan as soon as possible.

Post-Diwali weight loss plan needs to be healthy, sustainable and effective. Also, remember that you’d most probably be low on energy after the festival so don’t keep an unrealistic plan or goal that you can’t follow. Another thing to keep in mind is not to fall for any fad-diet trap. Don’t punish yourself for celebrating a festival. Strict no to fasting and starvation. Go easy and focus on losing weight in a healthy way.

Start with opting for detox water

Detox water helps in more than one way—it keeps you hydrated (to sooth dehydydration caused by alcohol) and helps in flushing toxins out of the system. Detox water with honey, grape juice, lemon or cucumber is highly beneficial. They cut the saturated fats and carbs so it gets easier to get them out of the body. Also, if you start with it early, these unhealthy compounds get no time to get stored in body. Citrus and Vitamin C drinks are also beneficial. Take them in morning, empty stomach.

Limit your calorie intake

No, we are not asking you to fast. We are asking to take small portion after short intervals but the ones low on carbs. You can cut on your breakfast calories. For a week or so after Diwali, don’t take heavy breakfast. Reply more on fruits and cereals. Limit your sugar intake and increase the fibre in your diet. You can also start your day with a protein-rich diet, this keeps you fuller for long limiting your calorie-intake during the day.

Go for smaller portions

The idea is to get your metabolism on track, Smaller and healthier portions can help you do so. So, six to eight portions during the day help to get you back on your weight loss track while keeping your metabolism buzzing and active. When you feel hungry in between, go for nuts and cereals than breads and fried snacks.

Get to your feet

No matter how much you are missing all the party scenes with your loved ones, the fact is that the fun times are over. It might be hard but accept it. If you have to lose those extra pounds, start exercising. You may start with brisk walking or yoga as it’s easier to start with. If you immediately have to join office after Diwali, try to find ways to walk, climb stair and stretch in between.

Eat potassium rich food

Potassium is an important mineral for the body. Why is it important during festival is because it prevents alcohol absorption in body or rater delays it. So, if you have potassium in your system, it will prevent body from using alcohol for energy. Body has a tendency to use alcohol first to generate energy, this way all the fats and carbs go unprocessed and get stored in body. Eat lots of bananas, avocados, watermelon and yogurt.

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